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Thesis Collection 2 (2020 - 2021)
Widespread Disarray

For my collection I thought it was important to address what has been going on with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are living in a world right now that is so uncertain, which has caused many of us to panic. I want to show the chaos the world went through when the pandemic hit by creating garments that have misplaced elements. To add another interesting concept to my collection, I want to reference the art movement of Cubism. Cubism was all about looking at objects that we would usually recognize, but when we look at cubist paintings we don't recognize what we see in front of us. I think this reference will add to the feeling of the unknown and how we don’t recognize the world around us anymore. By combining our present situation to this movement, it will show how we can relate to Cubism, a art movement from a century ago, back to our present time. I want my looks to have a deconstruction abstract vibe and to look like they are in a way falling apart, without making it look unfinished or messy. To show Cubism, I have garment components that we would usually initially recognize, but have them out of place where they usually aren't seen on the body. All edges of the pieces will be finished and clean despite the misplacement and rescaling of elements throughout the garments. With a muted color palette and hints of color pop here and there, the focus of this collection is the composition of the disarray and placement and construction skills that will go into the garments. The goal of this collection is to distort the body in a tailored way and have viewers intrigued to look closer to what is going on in all the designs.

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