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 Thesis Collection

Bojagi Garden

My whole life I have wanted to know more of where I came from, and using fashion to learn more about my grandmothers culture and how she grew up is something that is really special to me. My thesis collection is based off a Korean patchwork art called Bojagi. Bojagi means wrapping cloth in Korean, and people in Korea use it to wrap gifts and important or everyday items. To make the wrapping cloth, fabrics are cut up into small scraps of geometric shapes and are stitched together. I decided to take a different way with it and use floral ornate fabrics to create something more complex and innovative. The fabrics in this collection were chosen very carefully and were paired together based on how well each pattern looked together. I got inspired by the patterns of the decor in the Palace of Versailles. All the fabrics and wallpapers seen in the Palace show a vintage, yet extravagance style that is very appealing to the eye. The silhouettes in this collection consist of both French and Korean styles, combining two cultures and making the pieces more my aesthetic.  

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